Domaine Wabenaki - Andrew

80 km de sentiers de ski...

...à l’intérieur d’une aire naturelle protégée!

Des activités pour toute la famille!

Sentiers du Lac-Parker et du Lac-à-la-Pêche!

Empruntez le lac à la pêche pour vous rendre au Domaine!

Du plaisir et de l'air pur...

...Avant de terminer la soirée auprès d'un bon feu!


Welcome to Domaine Wabenaki – Andrew located in La Mauricie National Park

You need a soft or a sports adventure, a moment of relaxation or only to fill up with energy? Offer yourself a pleasant stay in our comfortable and affordableaccommodation! Only 90 minutes from Montréal and Québec, on the edge of Lac à la Pêche, come and discover the last historical constructions in La Mauricie National Park. Stay in Le Chalet Wabenaki or La Maison Andrew which date back to the Laurentian Club, the prestigious hunting and fishing club that used to be frequented by the Kennedy family.Trekking, canoeing, fishing, cross-country skiing and snowshoeing are possible on site to make you live unforgettable moments with family and friends.

Bring your sleeping bag, your favorite food and take off on an adventure!