Domaine Wabenaki - Andrew

80 km de sentiers de ski...

...à l’intérieur d’une aire naturelle protégée!

Des activités pour toute la famille!

Sentiers du Lac-Parker et du Lac-à-la-Pêche!

Empruntez le lac à la pêche pour vous rendre au Domaine!

Du plaisir et de l'air pur...

...Avant de terminer la soirée auprès d'un bon feu!


Sleep, be active, share and relax! Trekking, kayak, canoe, fishing and relaxing moments… are there to allow you to freely create your own soft or sport experience.


Hiking is an activity that allows you to take advantage of the numerous trails of La Mauricie National Park. There are easier trails for families, or more difficult trails for enthusiasts and experts. You will find the right trail according to your criteria of physical endurance. Check out the national park’s trails map. Domaine Wabenaki – Andrew is located along the National Trail in La Mauricie which is a trail of about a hundred kilometres long.

Cycling and hiking

Bring your own bike and discover the trails while you are practicing this sport. Mountain and hybrid bikes are welcome. Check out mountain bike trails map.


As there is no beach for swimming near the Domaine, the docks are used for swimming. Also if you wish to add a special touch to your stay go refresh yourself at Parker Falls accessible behind the Domaine.

Canoes / kayaks

Canoes with paddles, life jackets and emergency kits are available FREE of charge for the Domaine’ guests. If there is a high demand, periods will be limited. There are no reservations and everybody must put equipment back in its place.


Pêche lac à la Pêche

Fishing season begins June 20, 2020 and ends on Labour Day or, when the annual quota is reached. Bass fishing starts June 24. You must obtain either a daily federal fishing permit ($9.80 taxes included) or an annual fishing permit ($34.30 taxes included) from the lodge manager and census-taking is obligatory that you catch fish or not.

The maximum catch of fish per day is 5 of which 2 can be gray trout. Children of 15 years of age and less can fish on an adult’s permit; but the quota of 5 remains. The catch limit means that you must eat your catch in order to fish the next day.

The maximum number of daily permits at Lac à la Pêche is 20 on Saturdays and Sundays and 15 during weekdays and at Parker Lake they are respectively 12 and 10. If there are more fishermen than places available, a draw will be held at 9 p.m. the night before. Lake Parker is a one-kilometre walk from the lodges. The fish species are grey trout, sea trout, lake perch and small-mouth bass.

In the eventuality that La Mauricie National Park authorities close Lake Parker or Lac à la Pêche before Labour Day because the fishing quota has been attained, Info-Nature Mauricie will in no way be held accountable for the cancellation of this activity. You will therefore not be allowed a refund or a compensatory stay.