Domaine Wabenaki - Andrew

80 km de sentiers de ski...

...à l’intérieur d’une aire naturelle protégée!

Des activités pour toute la famille!

Sentiers du Lac-Parker et du Lac-à-la-Pêche!

Empruntez le lac à la pêche pour vous rendre au Domaine!

Du plaisir et de l'air pur...

...Avant de terminer la soirée auprès d'un bon feu!


Info-Nature Mauricie is an organization whose mission consists of preserving, enhancing and transferring knowledge of our environmental resources, ecological and heritage values.

To be able to accomplish this, Info-Nature Mauricie joins together individuals whose main interests lie in promoting and integrating the values of our mission by working to attain the following objectives:

  • Participating in the elaboration and the implementation of La Mauricie National Parks’ mission;
  • Promoting the discovery and appreciation of the natural and cultural heritage of La Mauricie National Park and the Forges-du-Saint-Maurice National Historic Site;
  • Informing and raising awareness within the general population of the importance of protecting the environment and cultural resources;
  • Informing and raising awareness of our individual role in preserving the environment;
  • Managing the Domaine Wabenai-Andrew by offering an enjoyable and enriching stay;
  • Selling products at the campgrounds and sale counters that favour and inform visitors of protection and conservation values.

With this mission, Info-Nature Mauricie wishes to become the populations’ reference in environmental protection and education.