An environmental gesture

Conservation of nature is Info-Nature Mauricie’s main value. We offer ecological activities and accommodations.

Come and enjoy!

However, to harmonize your visit with this privileged conservation area, here are a few suggestions to make your visit delightful, enriching, and environmentally friendly:

Choose the right staples: cook with as few ingredients as possible and that haven’t been modified; it is better for your health and the environment. Planning simple meals and light snacks will save you time and will generate less waste.

Separate your waste: Split leftovers and recyclable materials (paper, plastic, glass, and metal) from the rest of your waste. Afterwards you cans easily dispose of this waste in the right recycling bins.

Reduce your waste: avoid bringing individually-wrapped food. Bring your food in reusable containers instead of in plastic wrap.

Use environmentally friendly products: Bring biodegradable phosphate-free soap and shampoo; and a bug-repellent containing lavender, lemon eucalyptus or citronella.

Bathroom etiquette: The lodges have a septic system that biologically decomposes waste. Therefore it is very important to avoid antibacterial products and to use “Eco-logo” certified personal hygiene products. These products are biodegradable and won’t damage the septic system.