Last update: 28-03-2021

Information on ski conditions
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Trails conditions

Trail Km Very good Good Fair Packed Icy Closed Scheduled to be groomed
icon-tresdifficile 2 12,0 x
icon-facile 3 12,0 x
icon-difficile 3 3,5 x
icon-facile 3A 3,5 x
icon-tresdifficile 5 3,5 x
icon-facile 6 2,5 x
icon-facile 6 3,0 x
icon-difficile 6A 2,5 x
icon-difficile 6 6,5 x
icon-difficile 7 3,5 x
icon-difficile 8 4,0 x
icon-facile 9 8,0 x
icon-facile 10 11,5 x
icon-facile 11 4,0 x


icon-facile Easy
icon-difficile Difficult
icon-tresdifficile Very difficult

Snow conditions

Accumulation within the last 24 hours (cm) 0
Accumulation within the last 48 hours (cm) 0
Accumulation remaining on the ground (cm) 0
Total accumulation for the season (cm) 0
Number of km available 0 / 80 km  (0%)
Number of km for “skating step” 0 / 35,5 km (0%)

Number of trails open

icon-facile Easy 0 / 7
icon-difficile Difficult 0 /5
icon-tresdifficile Very difficult 0 / 2
Total 0 / 14

Snow type


Hello !

Grooming and track setting operations on the cross-country skiing trails have been completed for the season due to the weather. We hope you had fun on the trails this winter!

This winter, the capacity of the buildings, including the shelters, will be reduced and wearing a mask will be mandatory inside. The dining room, waxing room, lockers and showers of the Rivière à la Pêche Service Centre will not be accessible.

Visitors are asked to obey all signage in place and instructions in effect. In addition, we strongly encourage visitors to eat their lunch and get their skis ready prior to their arrival at the park.

** Due to high numbers of visitors and for security reasons, La Mauricie National Park could be temporary closed. **